How To Move Apps To Desktop On Windows 11

Conquering the Desktop: How to Beam Your Favorite Apps to Windows 11 Like a Boss

Let's face it, the Start menu on Windows 11 is shiny and sleek, but sometimes you just gotta have your most-used apps readily available, like trusty sidekicks on your digital battlefield (or, you know, for watching cat videos). Fear not, warriors of the desktop, for this guide will show you how to move apps to your Windows 11 desktop with the grace of a majestic eagle...or at least the efficiency of a particularly determined squirrel.

Drag and Drop Your Way to Desktop Domination

This method is the Michael Jordan of moving apps - a classic that never goes out of style. Here's how to do it with the finesse of a game show host:

  1. Summon the Start Menu: Just hit that shiny Windows button on your taskbar. Easy peasy.
  2. Go All Apps, Dude: See that little "All apps" button in the top right corner? Click it. You're in.
  3. Find Your App Buddy: Scroll through the alphabetical list (or use the search bar, you rebel) until you find the app you want to promote to your desktop.

Now, here comes the magic: Click, hold, and drag the app icon from the "All apps" section onto your glorious desktop. Poof! There it is, a shortcut ready to launch your app into action.

Bonus Tip: Want to add some extra pizazz? Right-click the new shortcut and explore the customization options. You can even change the icon image!

The Right-Clicky-Roo Approach (for the Fancy Folks)

Feeling a little fancy? This method involves more clicks, but hey, sometimes you gotta work for your desktop shortcuts.

  1. Start Menu Shenanigans: Same as before, open the Start menu with a click.
  2. Find Your App Target: Navigate to the app you want to move using the "All apps" section.
  3. Right-Clickity-Click: Right-click on the app icon. Don't be shy, give it a good click.
  4. Shortcut Savvy: Hover over "Send to" in the context menu, then select "Desktop (create shortcut)".

And voila! A shortcut for your chosen app has materialized on your desktop, ready for your clicking pleasure.

Remember: These shortcuts aren't the actual apps themselves, but act like handy portals to launch them.

So You've Conquered the Desktop... Now What?

Now that your favorite apps are just a click away, personalize your desktop to your heart's content! Arrange the shortcuts, add some widgets, and make that desktop a reflection of your glorious digital self.

Feeling overwhelmed by all this desktop power? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Frequently Asked Desktop Domination Questions:

Q: How do I find a specific app in the "All apps" list?

A: Use the search bar at the top of the "All apps" section.

Q: Can I move system apps (like Settings) to the desktop?

A: Unfortunately, not all apps can be easily moved this way. System apps are usually off-limits.

Q: My shortcut looks weird! How do I change the icon?

A: Right-click the shortcut, go to "Properties", and click on "Change icon". Browse your system for a new image.

Q: I accidentally deleted a shortcut! How do I get it back?

A: The app itself is still there! Just navigate to it in the "All apps" section and create a new shortcut following the methods above.

Q: Can I move apps from the taskbar to the desktop?

A: Yes! Right-click the app icon on the taskbar and select "Show more options" > "Pin to desktop".

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